How long until I get my order?

Up to 10 business days currently to ship

Please keep in mind that certain factors will influence when your purchase will ship and when it will arrive to you. An estimated time will be always posted above for quick reference, however, keep in mind this is a maximum time frame and most orders will ship before this due date. 

A few things that may influence ship/delivery times:

Holidays are always busier so please plan ahead and order early for the best selection and to make sure your order is received in time!

Holidays also start getting busier for the post office and items may take longer to be received. I strive to mail all items out in a timely manner so they are receive on time but please remember a normal 3 day package may take up to 14 days during the "Christmas Rush".

Every product is either handmade or hand finished by me, therefor they will take longer to finish and perfect before sending to you. I will only send out items I would use myself and hold to my highest standards of quality and safety therefor they are not just "glued" together and shipped. Quality takes time. 

i work on orders Mondays through Fridays generally, during busier seasons I may also work weekends.

Please also keep in mind, orders are processed and made in the order they are received. While your product may only take an hour to finish, your order may be third in line and will be completed as such.